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Neni USA is one of the exciting players in the marketing and distribution of brand name super premium products. The company was one of the pioneers in the promotion of gourmet Italian coffee culture.

With its characteristic initiative and dynamic approach, Neni USA has been among the companies on the market to introduce additional premium beverage products.

A brief description of the sectors in which the company is actively engaged in:

Neni USA concentrates on the marketing of leading super premium products that have shown a constant phenomenal growth in recent years.

The company operates in an import, marketing and distribution dispositions on a national resolution, including: 


  •   Retail chains

  •   Fast-food chains

  •   Restaurants & Coffee houses

  •   Home & Office points

  •   And more

Neni USA operates in a modern office located in TriBeCa, New York City, and warehouses are located in a specialized FDA approved, claimant controlled facility in New Jersey. The company possesses a modern computerized logistics foundation & maintains exceptional manpower and logistics to successfully handle high levels of activities.

We are a young and dynamic organization, employing energetic people who see our market as an integral part of their own lives. We maintain the highest level of service standards to build and strengthen an ongoing relationship with our customers, which we view as our business partners. Our strategy is successfully based on highly focused promotional activity aimed at a selected target population.

Our brands have captured exclusivity in the market for highly positioned brands.

The company focuses on the marketing of exceptional products, giving them superior positioning for its target clientele and inducing high consumption rate habits. The company's strategy is based upon professional perfection in the area of logistics and customer service.

The company's strategy is obtained through the creation of exceptionally close, personal and continuous relations between the company and its clientele as well as with its clients' end customers.

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